Saturday, September 26, 2009

What was the world like when the Pirates last had a winning season?

Cardboard Junkie, in response to a comment I made on an entry on his blog, mentioned how old he feels since he recalls the grand day he experienced as a Braves fan when Francisco Cabrera singled home Sid Bream to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates and send the Braves on to the World Series.

Since that moment (October 14, 1992), the Pirates have not only not reached the playoffs again, they have not had a winning season.

In honor of the seventeen consecutive losing seasons the Pittsburgh Pirates have had....

The last time the Pittsburgh Pirates had a winning season:

1. Each league had two divisions.
2. There were no such things as wild-card playoff spots in baseball.
3. The Rockies, Marlins, Diamondbacks and Rays did not exist (but all four have since reached the World Series).
4. The Montreal Expos were in the Pirates division.
5. The top pop song for the year was Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You.
6. Derek Jeter had just graduated from high school.
7. Microsoft released Windows 3.1.
8. People were still making fun of Dan Quayle’s inability to spell “potato”.
9. Billy Ray Cyrus won the Country Music Association award for best single – Achy Breaky Heart. His daughter Miley was born six weeks after Francisco Cabrera ended the Pirates 1992 season.
10. Arthur Ashe was still alive.
11. Johnny Carson was still hosting The Tonight Show.
12. Actress Demi Moore, having given birth to her second child with husband Bruce Willis a year before, co-starred in the movie A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. Ashton Kutcher was 14.
13. Nolan Ryan, George Brett and Robin Yount were still playing.
14. Pluto was still a planet.
15. ZZ Top released their greatest hits on cassette and vinyl.
16. It had only been 84 years since the Chicago Cubs had last won a World Championship.
17. Seven of the twelve National League teams played on artificial turf. Only two NL teams, the Cubs and Dodgers, still play in the same stadium they did then.

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