Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Media mix of September 2nd

[Listen] What is the music scene like in your area? Are you happy with it?

As much as I like music, I've never been able to get into the "scene". I think it has to do with my dislike of crowds. From what I know from others in the area, it seems to be pretty good here. Some decent clubs. A couple nearby larger venues. Haven't heard too much about the quality of the classical music and opera scenes. Of course, Philly isn't too far away if you really want some options.

[Watch] Which show have you found yourself the most emotionally attached to the characters and scenarios?

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. I was furious with how they ended that show and boycotted television for a little while (that really impacted the networks, let me tell you). Brisco, Bowler and Socrates were all great characters. The stories were entertaining. And it only lasted two seasons. The final episode had Brisco and Bowler being shot. What a horrible, horrible way to end a series.

[Read] Have you ever waited in line to get your book signed by a beloved writer? If so, who?

I've not. I have a copy of Leonard Koppett's The New Thinking Fan's Guide to Baseball that I got Rod McCall and Pete Rose, Jr. to sign when I ran into them at Burger King (story in a previous post). From there I tried to get more members of the Kinston Indians team whenever I saw Kinston playing around North Carolina. Unfortunately, that book is in the stack of general baseball books that are not shelved (an additional bookcase is first among the purchases to be made when I'm employed again) so I can't see how many I ended up getting. I think I have 11. Oh wait, my database might have that. Let me check.....Why yes, yes it does. It is signed by eight players and the manager. I think that's the only book I've ever had signed in person and it wasn't by the writer.

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Kelly said...

Enjoyed your answers this week! I'll have to check out The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, especially since I've loved other Bruce Campbell stuff.