Monday, September 7, 2009

30 days to changing my life - Day 7: Ah, maturity

So I took yesterday off, listening to my mind and body which didn't want to do anything. What happened today? I rowed four miles. Haven't rowed that far this year. That is very, very sad and I blame Crossfit Endurance in part (my own laziness is the other part). CE relies on very short, high intensity workouts and for a while that was what I was following. Perhaps if you're already fit, it is a good plan to follow. But for someone like me who is rounding themselves into shape and trying to drop weight, I think you need to put in longer workouts.

Then did the Crossfit Total workout. My shoulder press has stayed the same. I almost set a personal best on the squat but when I started up my injured calf did something really painful and I lost my balance and dropped the bar. Thank goodness for the squat rack or else my head would have been crushed.

I did set a personal best on the deadlift, though. Progress!!!

My calf is swollen. I iced it earlier which helped but I think any more running is out for a while.

Ate very well today. Worked on the patio off of my bedroom. Little on the hallway. Going to spend the rest of the evening on my book. Good day all around.

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