Tuesday, September 1, 2009

30 days to changing my life - Day 1: A good start

I plan on posting in the evening after the boowahs have gone to bed. But tonight I must wrap up my final assignment of the semester and I just need to truck right through that and get it done.

The first day was pretty good. Let's address the six areas of focus, shall we?

1. Improved fitness - Did the Crossfit workout and some extra rowing. It amazes me sometimes how much I forget about myself. When I bicycled regularly, it would take me forever to loosen up - close to an hour to really feel like my muscles were working at 100%. As a matter of fact, it was always tough for me to ride with a group or do long rides because inevitably you have a long food stop and then I would have to re-loosen up after the stop.

It seems that although I like to warmup with a row, it isn't quite enough. As my workout progressed, I was performing better and was less tired. Pullups are still difficult for me but the second and third sets of thrusters I knocked out with ease. My rowing was very strong and at the fastest pace I've rowed since the last day of March. My final 500 meters was smoking. Incidentally, I did not row a single day in April. All about consistency.

2. Improved dietary consumption leading to weight loss. It will take some time to get adjusted to this. I got tired in the early afternoon and took a brief nap which could be due to in part to blood sugar levels (or waking up at 5 after going to sleep at midnight, one or the other). I've been fighting the urge to have some processed sugar.

My meals were good. Steak and eggs and peaches for breakfast. Ground turkey and tomatoes and almonds for lunch. Steak, Brussel sprouts and almonds for dinner. I also made my own jerky for the first time and had that for a snack. I'm planning on hitting the grocery store on Thursday and will get some diversity in the fruit and veggies department which will be of immense help.

It was a challenge avoiding processed stuff. Drank water with lemon all day which wasn't bad at all.

3. Work on my book. Looked over a lot of notes I've taken in the past to see where I stand and where I want to pick up.

4. Get a job. Put together a list of jobs and contacts I want to get in touch with over the next couple of days.

5. Work on the house. Took up a little bit of the floor tile in the hallway to see how easy it will be. Easy. Since it was garbage day I hacked off and threw out a large section of carpet that had been sitting in the top floor of the barn rotting. Feels good to open up space in the top floor.

6. Go on a date. I didn't go anywhere today except to get Gaga at practice and if there's one thing I've learned, your child's soccer practices are not a haven of available single women. Unless you count his classmates. Ew.

Now I'm off to finish the semester. HUZZAH!!!!


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--Transfixed Ingress said...

Good luck sir.