Wednesday, September 2, 2009

30 days to changing my life - Day 2: Hello, Obstacles!

Oh my. When I decided I was going to do this, I knew I was picking a heck of a time to do it. End of semester, followed by my weird schedule day (Wednesdays), followed by a holiday. Not the best time but when is, right? If we wait for the perfect time to do something, it doesn't get done.

I knew I would not get a lot done today. My work schedule is goofy on Wednesdays and add in the boowahs, I'm not left with a lot of time to get stuff done.

As such, I won't break down by category. I worked out, warming up with a 5K row. I got started and my head started hurting. It continued to hurt after I finished and went out back to do the Crossfit workout. Today's workout is one of my least favorites. I hate cleans. My technique is miserable. And historically ring dips have been a challenge. But I made it through the first set of both all right. As I moved into the second set of cleans, I really started feeling unwell. I was sweating, but it felt like a fever sweat. I was clammy, my muscles suddenly felt weak, my head was pounding. So I stopped and sat down on my neighbors lawn furniture.

I'm sitting there saying "Great Caesar's Ghost, what's wrong with me", and assessing my symptoms. All of a sudden I say to myself, "This is how I feel when I'm dehydrated". Ding! Give me a prize. I am a smart one. I hadn't had anything to drink since about 7 that morning. Dumb. I ended up stopping the workout and going in and drinking lots of water. The headache went away about half a hour later and everything was fine.

I didn't feel hungry much today. Ate very lightly but was disappointed with the cuts of meat I had for lunch and dinner. Don't know that it's worth citing everything I eat. I'm keeping it simple. Meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries. Water when I remember.

Got in touch with a professor who gave me a lead on a potential job.

That's it as far as the life changes go. I'm turning in early for a change after I was up late again last night wrapping up the semester. A good night's sleep will help.

Had Mark Danielowski's book Only Revolutions sent to me at the library and tried to read it. Not going to happen. I do not get it in the least. As an objet d'art it is very cool. The book is told by a guy and a girl. The book is 360 pages. The guy tells the story from one end of the book. Flip the book upside down and you get the girl's story. There are two bookmarks built into the book to mark your place in each person's story. The page numbers are marked with a circle with each page being a degree in that circle so the page numbers rotate as you progress through the book. The font starts really big so that on page 0 of the guy's story, he takes up maybe 90% of the page while the upside down version of the girl's story on page 360 takes up ten percent. As you continue, the fonts change and shrink until on page 360 of the guy's story he is at 10% of the page and the girl's page 0 takes up the rest. Each page is dated and has events that occur on those dates. The story does not seem to correspond with those dates. The stories are written in a type of poetry. Not exactly sure what to call it. A lot of it rhymes, some of it doesn't. Lots of made up words. Lots of animals which are bold-faced text and the letter O and number 0 are all colored differently. From a visual standpoint, it's pretty neat. I just wasn't getting the story. Tried the guy. Tried the girl. Skipped to different parts. Just seemed like a lot of nonsense. Alas. I don't think I'll continue trying to get it.

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