Sunday, September 27, 2009

Favre and Vick - overreporting to the extreme

I just read this article on the first half of the Philadelphia Eagles game and was really disappointed at the lack of thoroughness in coverage by the Associated Press. They told me about the crowd's reaction to many of the plays in which Vick participated. They detailed EVERY SINGLE PLAY that Vick participated in in the first half and the formation from which they were run. They informed me that he handed his helmet to an equipment person and that he received a visor from the same person. Very important stuff. But where was the information on the consistency of his bowel movements? Or the tire pressure on his SUV? Did he not speak to anyone during this time? What was said? Did he congratulate DeSean Jackson on his touchdown, the one that merited a single sentence in this update of the first half? If so, how did he congratulate him?

And what about the inconsistencies in the details they did give. The AP tells me that the handoff to McCoy went for five yards but does not tell me how many yards Maclin got when Vick handed off to him. THIS IS A HUGE OMISSION!!!

Seriously, why does this matter? First, it's football and it has nothing to do with the USFL which has been gone for almost a quarter century. Second, is this an article on Vick or an update of the Eagles game? If the former, what did you really tell me that I can't get from the boxscore or play-by-play? He handed his helmet to the equipment guy. Huge news. Many, many NFL players will do the same thing today, none of whom will receive press for doing so because it is unimportant.

As for Favre, Great Caesar's Ghost!, has anyone's indecision ever received so much attention for so little reason? It has been enough to make me root for Aaron Rodgers. Google "Favre Packers" and look at the nonsense. Favre has a career 12-10 record in the playoffs, has thrown over an interception a game for his career, won his only championship twelve years ago. Why does he merit so much coverage? Ugh.

Rant over.

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