Saturday, September 5, 2009

30 days to changing my life - Day 5: Firing on all cylinders

What a fantastic day! Nice weather and the progress I'm making just helped me move right into more successes. Started the morning by recruiting the boowahs to put primer on the barn. I didn't have to resort to Tom Sawyer strategies even. Just got them out there. While they did that I weeded and cut branches around the barn. Once they finished Gaga climbed a tree and worked on a branch above the barn. He tired out an so I climbed up and finished it. I was pleased with upper body strength. I just reached up, grabbed a branch and pulled myself right up using just my arms. Very cool.

From there Gaga and I went to the inside. Tore out some rotten boards and I sliced up some more of the rotten carpet that is out there.

Had lunch and started working on the inside. Gave the kitchen the best cleaning it has had in a long time. Then I rowed and Gaga and I went outside and did the Crossfit workout. That was the low point of the day for me personally as I still cannot get the clean technique right. Gaga has it and did very well. I was immensely impressed. I then did some pullups because I was still giddy from the whole tree thing.

We then cleaned up and went shopping. Got the rest of the paint and primer we need for the barn and hallway. Bought a scale and school supplies at Target. STILL did not get a camera battery. Insane. My camera must really be ancient as much trouble as I'm having. But now I can measure progress with the scale. I weigh 271 right now. My lean weight is around 210 normally (haven't had it measured lately) so that puts me in the low 20's for body fat percentage. Breaking the 250 point would be nice as that would put me at worst, fifteen percent body fat, and it would put me at deadlifting twice my body weight when I get that 500 pound bar up.

The boowahs and I got another pair of games of Catan in. Then this evening I'm been doing research for my book and have been so engrossed, I forgot about posting.

Good day all around.

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