Friday, January 9, 2009

Pretty card pictures

I've been sort of surprised about the number of baseball card stories in the news recently. I'm not going to link to them. If you're interested, you can find them. One involved a fellow who is trying to get every card of his 1983 Fleer set autographed by the player pictured on the card. This is a difficult task since a number of those players are deceased. Not quite sure why that made the news.

Another story involved this little old lady from Pasadena somewhere in California who discovered a card of the original professional baseball team, the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings. She was looking to get ten bucks for it on eBay and when people started asking lots of questions about it, she figured it was probably worth more. You can add four zeroes to get the correct value.

Then in the hobby news there was some uproar about a company "accidentally" releasing cards of a player who is only licensed to another company. It's a bit of a joke how many "mistakes" these card companies make. Oops, we accidentally produced and packaged some unknown number of these cards but we stopped making them so they are very rare. Go out and buy the product now so you can get these rare, soon to be valuable cards.

Me, I'm opening another pack of 1992 Stadium Club Series 1 cards for you. Fifteen in a pack, produced with Kodak Imaging Technology. Here we go:

146 - Scott Bradley
100 - Barry Larkin - Beaut. Larkin should be a Hall of Famer but I worry that he will get overlooked because of the era of great shortstops that came during the conclusion of his career.
127 - Calvin Jones - Can't say I heard of this guy. Spent two seasons with the Seattle Mariners. Was their first round pick in the 1984 draft. Wow.
5 - Milt Cuyler
239 - Willie McGee - Nice. Who doesn't love Willie McGee? He's on the Giants with this card which doesn't seem right. He's a St. Louis Cardinal and always will be.

56 - Dave Valle - Seriously? Valle and Bradley? Like I need both Seattle Mariners catchers in the same pack. Plus I have Calvin Jones. Three Mariners in the first six cards.
107 - DAVE RIGHETTI!!!!!! - My all-time favorite player. I'll write more about him at a future date.

83 - Jamie Quirk - I can now say that this is a Quirky pack.
217 - Mark Wohlers
7 - Dante Bichette - Another nice one. There's a good chance that Jim Rice will be selected to the Hall of Fame this year. From a statistical standpoint, Dante Bichette should probably go in too if Rice makes it. Both have no business being considered but I might try and promote Bichette down the line for giggles.

Check out Dante Bichette in a natural setting.

28 - Jeff Russell
65 - Frank Castillo
219 - Dave Smith - passed away in December.
1 - Cal Ripken - Hall of Famer and they misspelled his name on the back of the card (Ripkin).
278 - Joel Skinner

Weird pack. Only infielders were shortstops. Some favorite players including Rags. A Hall of Famer in Ripken and a guy I never heard of (which is really, really rare).

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