Friday, January 23, 2009

Battles of the Series 2's

Like I said last post, I don't have a lot of inventory and financial woes preclude me from running out and snapping up some NASCAR packs, as much as I REALLY want to. Honest. I'm bummed that I wasn't able to complete my Press Pass set last year because they had to release their other seven sets or what have you that I wasn't collecting (and which weren't as good as their "basic" set) and supplant the set I'm collecting on the store shelves.

Anyway, since I'm determined to keep opening up Stadium Club cards from the early nineties, I have to find some way to make it entertaining. I'm going to open my first packs from Series 2 and go to head to head via Bill James' Win Shares. The pack that wins the most head to heads will get the three "best" players scanned. I'm going with career Win Shares totals. 1992 had three extra cards. They get byes but can be considered for scanning.

Here we go (1991 listed first):
494 Gerald Young v. 438 Chito Martinez - Young takes it 56-13. In 1988, my friend KB and I stockpiled rookie cards that we thought would increase exponentially in value. One of mine was Gerald Young. Note that in 2009 I have financial woes. Coincidence? I think not.

370 Rich Garces v. 463 Dwight Evans - Dewey, who should be in the Hall of Fame instead of Jim Rice takes this in a landslide 347-32 (I don't have totals for Garces' 2002 season but I don't think we have to worry.

468 Jerald Clark v. 441 Mike Munoz - 33-25. Zzzzzz.

310 Andre Dawson v. 404 Matt Merullo - People are griping about Dawson not going into the Hall and he falls short of Dewey in the Win Shares department. Dawson takes the monstrous victory 340-4 over Merullo.

536 Greg Cadaret v. 467 Alex Fernandez - The White Sox former #1 pick wins 110-43.

328 Eric King v. 381 Jeff Carter - I really liked Eric King. Of course, if you're a pitcher I probably like you. And if you pitched for the White Sox and did pretty well I probably like you some more. 12-4 in 1990 does the trick. He throws a shutout against Jeff Carter 50-0. Carter's five games in the majors got him a baseball card but not a Win Share.

593 Turner Ward v. 421 Jerome Walton - Saw this matchup and said "Wow! This one's too close to call". I was right. Ward wins 41-40.

320 Mark Portugal v. 587 Randy Milligan - Portugal takes it 100-79. 1991 needs one more victory to claim scanning rights.

509 Robin Yount v. 399 Ellis Burks - Burks gets a crummy matchup and loses 423-260. I had no idea Burks was that good of a ballplayer. Yount, of course, is a Hall of Famer. 1991 claims victory. Yount, Dawson and Portugal are the current pictured players.

433 Danny Jackson v. 382 Heathcliff Slocumb - Jackson supplants Portugal to get his picture on the site as he beats Heathcliff (I am saddened by this) 107-56.

571 Tommy Gregg v. 366 Charlie Leibrandt - Leibrandt pitching for the wrong team takes this one 138-13.

391 Glenn Davis v. 591 Frank Thomas - The Big Hurt has 405 and counting to Davis' 132. Davis gets over the top, though, to get his mug on today's post.

The three who did not play for 1992: 519 Moises Alou (284 and counting), 434 Rick Reed (at least 73. What a baffling career. I think he needs a post at some point) and 468 Greg Myers (47).

Here are the winners for today:

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