Friday, January 16, 2009

1991 Stadium Club

Since this isn't a baseball card blog, per se, I don't quite have the inventory or the desire to acquire inventory that other bloggers who do write about cards regularly do (and why does Blogger mark bloggers as a word spelled incorrectly?). But I couldn't bear to do another pack of 1992 Stadium Club cards for y'all so I'm going with 1991.

As I've been looking at the Stadium Club cards, I've been trying to decide whose career the set most resembles and I think it's Dwight Gooden. No, that's not a good comparison. I'm at a loss. I don't know. I think the first two years of Stadium Club were the best and that the others never quite compared.

Here's the pack today. 1991, Series One.

138 - Eric Show. Show led the league in chillin' and jammin' that season.
196 - Mark Carreon
257 - Gregg Jefferies. Jefferies was such a highly touted prospect that I look at this photo (his second full year) and see him saying "I don't need to tag you. I'm Gregg Jefferies. You're out by the sheer force of my greatness."
142 - Dennis Boyd. It's almost a crime to call him Dennis. It's either Oil Can or The Can. He's still playing, running around with a barnstorming team. Oil Can is still awesome.
200 - Nolan Ryan. This photo is also the cover for his book, Miracle Man.
209 - Mike Scott. One of my faves.
19 - Mike Scioscia. Just signed a ten year contract to manage the Anaheim Angels of Anaheim.
295 - Matt Williams. Got a HOF vote from a guy who didn't vote for Rickey Henderson. Completely unfathomable.
56 - Kevin Brown. Texas-based pitchers abound. Him, Ryan, Scott. Give me a rotation with those guys and I don't need fielders.
208 - Jose Gonzalez. Which is a good thing since I have Jose Gonzalez.
162 - Jerome Walton. Always liked him. Have an autograph of his.
220 - Barry Bonds. This picture of Bonds deep in thought has so much potential for harassing Barry. I'm taking the high road.

Nice pack.

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