Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gang aft aglay

I was all set to take some pictures during my workout and put them online. You know the kind; "before" and "after" pictures. Only instead of me they were going to be of my gym. When I bought this house in May, my intent was to convert the barn outside into a gym. I have finally deconstructed the barn to the point where there's nowhere to go except improving it. The rotted floor has been removed, the broken window replaced, materials needed for every aspect of improvement have been identified and will soon be purchased. So I wanted to get some pictures of it at the height of ugliness.

The only thing is, the cord to connect the camera to the computer is in Delaware. No photos for you. Sorry. Tune in later.

UPDATE!!!: Found a cord lurking around my house so here's the before shots of the gym:

Did most of my workout inside. Like the idiot I am, I started my workout at full intensity and wore myself out for the rest of it. The reason I did this, though, was to see how fast I could get a 2K row in. I haven't done a time trial at that distance in ages and I'm strongly considering entering some competitions before spring. My time put me just short of the top quarter for my age group and weight in the US (88th out of 310 recorded rowers). Did some pushups, squats and pullups after that. Nice way to start off the new year and is very encouraging in my entertaining the idea of being competitive in competitions.

All for me for today. Check in tomorrow for my first ever baseball card post (and one that should have pictures (via scanner))!

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