Sunday, January 4, 2009


Since 2008 just ended, I thought I'd wrap it up by posting some of the musical artists whom I enjoyed listening to a lot in 2008. Since I've moved to Lancaster County, I feel my musical tastes have been....I don't want to say broadened because where they have expanded is relatively narrowed. I guess I have become exposed to more music. This has largely been due to XPN. Just a great radio station. Most other years would find me listening to a mix of genres. There'd be some classical and jazz on this list. This past year, though, I seemed to listen to a lot of "alternative rock". In some cases, I might have been late to the scene - the album I enjoyed may have been released in 2007 (or earlier for all I know) but I listened to and enjoyed these artists a lot.

The songs and groups I'm posting are in no particular order and are not necessarily my favorites by the artist. I chose them for how they exemplify the group, how the performance sounds in the clip and accessibility of media of the song (i.e., is there a decent YouTube rendition).

Sea Wolf - Winter Windows

We Are Scientists - Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt

Amp Fiddler - Faith

Stellastarr* - Sweet Troubled Soul

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Tamacun

Michael Tolcher - Speed Feels Better

Tegan and Sara - Nineteen

Of Montreal - Gronlandic Edit

and, of course,
Airborne Toxic Event - Gasoline

DeVotchKa - Head Honcho

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