Saturday, April 18, 2009

Food revisited

We had to get a birthday gift after an 11 AM soccer game today and decided to stop at Dude with the Food for lunch. I had written about it previously when I stopped for a pulled pork sandwich. Had their smoked beef hoagie today. My oldest had their buffalo wings and my youngest had a hot dog.

The hot dog was grilled which I like but he doesn't. I hate wings but tried one. They were tangy but not spicy. As for the beef, it was flavorful but very fatty. The food was lackluster today. But the service made it so I don't see myself eating there again. They were busy but the wait times were interminable. It took far too long for the food to be prepared.

We ate at one of the two picnic tables they had outside. Both were uneven. An older couple sat together on one side of their table and the table flipped over backward spilling them and their food. We helped them up and it didn't appear any hips or other parts were broken. The folks in the food cart saw them but did not respond in any way, shape or form. Color me silly but if I'm running a place where I'm serving food and I watch two of customers go flying over backward because my picnic table isn't level, I'm over there apologizing and seeing if they are OK and then I'm fixing the table so it doesn't happen again. Neither happened.

Given the average quality of food, the slightly too high prices and the lack of concern both in terms of safety and wait times, I'm not coming back.

I did come back to an old favorite tonight, though. I made myself this again. Man it's a good dish. I've got leftovers for tomorrow, too. Mmmmmm.....

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