Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dude with the food

I failed to take into consideration during my discussion of my facial perfection that perhaps one of the reasons the ladies aren't knocking down my door is because of a different ratio. The ratio of my big ol' belly to, I don't know, a belly that isn't as big as mine. I have been fat, obese, maybe even morbidly obese at times. Right now I think I'm just overweight.

Here lies the rub. I loves me my food. Look at the tag index. What have I written about most on this blog? Food. Go figure. It outdoes baseball. Great Caesar's Ghost!

If I could get myself to control my lower urges, I'd be a much happier camper, let me tell you.

As it is, I had to run out to do a homework assignment yesterday. My sons are on spring break in Delaware so I had an opportunity to dine out affordably (which Blogger thinks is a misspelled word). I was in the mood for Chinese but the time I was out prevented lunch specials (do you see the problem? There should not be so much logic involved) and I really didn't want to be paying non-lunch prices for take out. On my way out to my assignment, I passed this catering truck that is at this intersection from time to time. They advertise pulled pork and barbecue chicken. As I said, I loves me my food, but I really loves me pulled pork. I decided I'd stop by on my way back and get a Q sandwich.

The caterer is called Dude with the Food and he supposedly is only there on weekend (although I swear I've seen him at other times). Had myself a sandwich and it was right tasty. Very moist. Very spicy which took me by surprise. Five bucks but the amount of meat was about right for that price. I'd eat there again although I think I'll give their beef sandwich a try when I do go.

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