Thursday, March 26, 2009

Return to "normalcy"

Got my first day back in Pennsylvania under my belt. Being out late with Jason every night made the time zone adjustment easy to handle from a sleeping standpoint. My eating is a bit out of whack but nothing too bad. Maybe even a little better.

More so than being back from California, "normalcy" is defined as being healthy enough to work out again. I'd taken way too much time off because of the whole sinus/cold thing I had. I hopped on the rower yesterday to do 250m sprints and it sucked in a big way. Speed was off and endurance was way off. But I did it so that was good. More rowing is on the agenda for today, a rainy day which will be good for my rowing as it will keep me inside. I need to get outside and work on all the stuff out there.

Returned to work and made that adjustment fine.

One of the biggest things I did last night was begin research on a book. As I've mentioned before, shiny research projects always seem to distract me from whatever I'm working on. I thought I finally had the one I wanted to write, a dual biography of a couple of players from the Deadball Era. Neither have been covered in a book-length biography (and I wasn't entirely sure that either needed to be which is partly why I'm thinking of covering both).

I tracked down a relative of the one ballplayer and wrote him. Lo and behold, he had worked with a local sportswriter and a biography is being published this summer. Goes to show what happens when you stand around and do nothing.

That's not to say that I can't still write mine. Mine will take a different approach and I also have an awesome web-based marketing concept for it. It's still discouraging, though, that while I waited, someone else was doing something about it. Hopefully I learn the lesson.

P.M. Update - Did some good rowing today. Incrementally better than yesterday. 1000 meter intervals. Forgot to mention that I knocked out my first homework assignment last night even though classes do not start until next week. I figure the more I can stay ahead, the better.

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