Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You Bipped my father. Prepare to die!

I have to hand it to Thorzul. He's brought some new ideas to the online baseball card community, the best (in my opinion) being the idea of Bipping.

My only problem, though, was that as a new member to the community, I had few addresses (well, one), for Bipping folk. So I had to make some trade partners.

Roy at A Paper Chase made a lot of sense. I've read his blog. Seemed like a nice guy. Fan of Troy Tulowitzki. I had recently acquired a Tulo jersey card. Roy had a Adam Dunn jersey card. We made the swap and included some other cards. And in my case, some of the cards I included involved a Bipping.

I think we both were happy with the trade, though. I got a bunch of Dunn cards I need:

But that Dunn jersey card is a bit of a pranking of its own. Check it out:

It says jersey on the side but do you see a jersey swatch? Me either. That's because it's hidden (since no one really likes looking at the jersey parts, right?):

That's one of the craziest cards I've seen. I like it, though, since it's a Dunn card. Thanks a lot for the trade, Roy!

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Roy said...

The Montoya Bip-image is fantastic.