Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tim Wallach TTM

I always liked Tim Wallach. And as such I probably overrated him. In my mind, the best third basemen of the 1980's were clearly George Brett and Mike Schmidt. Right behind them was Wade Boggs. But then you had some solid third basemen of which I think Wallach was the best: Wallach, Lansford, DeCinces, Bell, Gaetti. You had some guys who peaked in their seventies and still played in the eighties like Nettles and Cey but over that decade, Wallach was one of the top guys at the hot corner.

As a matter of fact, no one played more games at third base in the 1980's than Wallach. Three Gold Gloves, Five time all-star. And yet only received one vote for the Hall of Fame.

Wallach, after a lengthy career with the Expos, wrapped up his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers and is now a manager in their farm system. Last season, he managed the Albuquerque Isotopes to a divisional title and he will manage them again in 2010.

Thanks to Mr. Wallach for signing some cards, responding politely to a couple of inane questions (really, I embarrassed myself and need to be a little more conscientious in my requests) and doing so quickly (10 days).

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