Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Casey v. Dunn. It's a nice-off!

I wrote recently about how I feel that Sean Casey, regularly regarded as the nicest guy in baseball, may be just sort of average nice but took advantage of his field position and playing for crappy pitching staffs to make himself seem excessively nice.

My theory had the potential to be proven this season with my favorite player, Adam Dunn, playing first for the Washington Nationals (who, actually should have decent pitching, but I'll ignore it because that would affect the theory). The Washington Post ran this article today about how Dunn is looking forward to socializing at first. Sean Casey, he is not:

"I've got my buddies, and we've got a lot of things to talk about. Other people, I have no idea what to talk about. For instance, say Brian McCann was over there, I would probably make some sort of fat joke, something like that. I would talk to David Wright about how he can't hit homers any more. It depends."

You know that Casey would be telling McCann how svelte he is and talking up Wright's Ruthian power. I'm sure he told Alex Rodriguez that he was every bit as talented, handsome and classy as Derek Jeter.

I'm beginning to think that Sean Casey may have been nice after all.

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FanOfReds said...

I miss Adam Dunn on the Reds - he was always good for a laugh (and a homerun)!