Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vegan recipe week, Dia Tres

I was having problems with my camera which accounts for the lateness of my adding this post. Still no picture. Sorry.

I absolutely loved this newest recipe, a chickpea romesco. Essentially it's a thick tomato sauce which I served over rice.

Like the previous recipes, this was pretty easy (I'm liking that about this cookbook). Roasted two red bell peppers in the oven. Peeled them and tossed them in the food processor with two cans of diced tomatoes. Pureed it together. Chopped two shallots, three cloves of garlic and a serrano chile and sauteed them in oil until the shallots got golden. Poured in the tomato mixture and let it simmer. Added a dash of vinegar and sugar. Pulverized a third cup of almonds and added that. Added some fresh thyme (the recipe called for dried thyme and rosemary). Simmered some more. Added two cans of chickpeas (garbanzos). Simmered for about twenty minutes. Serve.

I've been real happy with everything so far. A lot of flavors that intermingle well.

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