Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've been on an eighties kick as of late. Songs from my youth have been coming to me and of course I have to pull them up on Youtube and give them a listen. One in particular made me realize I've always had an appreciation of guys who can both scream and sing. The singing part is crucial. I'm not into screaming for screaming. It has to be musical screaming (which, if that doesn't make sense, will hopefully become clear in these examples). In chronological order, my favorites:

Joe Leste of Bang Tango (the song that inspired this post). (no embedding)

Then we have the all around vocal stylings of Mike Patton of Faith No More (and many other groups) UPDATE: The Faith No More videos I had on this post were removed because of a copyright claim. This is a better example of the screaming nature of Mike Patton with the group Tomahawk:

On to Chester Benningfield of Linkin Park:

And finally M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold (some language):

Again, not my favorite songs but exemplary of the singing and screaming of these guys. I like that they all sing real well, too. None of them are just screamers. The screaming is just part of the vocal toolkit.

I have to put one more of Mike Patton. If the rest of the guys I cited have vocal toolkits, Patton has a vocal Home Depot. Here's a nice range of his skills in a pair of live songs:

Oh, one more, why not. You can't really talk about Mike Patton and his vocal capabilities without putting Epic out there:

I guess I'm intrigued by screaming as a means of creating music. Supposedly M. Shadows ruptured a blood vessel in his throat from screaming. The inherent stress and difficulty of actually achieving specific notes makes it a skill of limited appeal, I suppose.

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