Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yu Darvish and Josh Prince updates

So what's going on with Yu Darvish and Josh Prince, two of my favorite baseball players?

Darvish has continued to pitch well since my last post. Well is probably too light a word. Darvish continues to dominate the Pacific League. He currently leads the league in starts, wins, innings, earned run average and strikeouts.

Picking up where I left off, in his May 30th start, Darvish had his third 10+ strikeout game of the season as he defeated the Hanshin Tigers. He allowed four hits, two walks and one run in seven innings.
74 IP, 45 H, 16 BB, 68 K, 7-1, 1.09 ERA

The Yomiuri Giants dealt Darvish his second loss of the season on June 6th, stringing together most of their six hits in the sixth inning to take a 3-2 lead which they would not relinquish.
82 IP, 51 H, 17 BB, 74 K, 7-2, 1.32 ERA

How did Yu handle the setback of a "bad" start? Eight innings of shutout ball (wouldn't want to see that ERA approach 1.50) against the Chunichi Dragons and his fourth 10+ strikeout performance.
90 IP, 56 H, 19 BB, 84 K, 8-2, 1.20 ERA

His next outing was a little more pedestrian. Seven innings of three hit ball. One run, no walks, five strikeouts in a victory over the Carp.
97 IP, 59 H, 19 BB, 89 K, 9-2, 1.21 ERA

Lastly, his most recent start against the Chiba Lotte Marines gave Darvish his tenth victory of the season. Eight innings of shutout ball with just two hits, two walks and seven K.
105 IP, 61 H, 21 BB, 96 K, 10-2, 1.11 ERA

No home runs allowed in any of the most recent games.

Just for fun, let's prorate Darvish's stats over 34 starts and put up some numbers for comparison:
275 IP, 160 H, 55 BB, 251 K, 26-5, 1.11 ERA (Darvish)
305 IP, 198 H, 62 BB, 268 K, 22-9, 1.12 ERA (Bob Gibson's 1968 season)

That's just insane. when you consider that the tenth best pitcher in the National League that year had a 2.44 ERA and the tenth best pitcher in the Pacific League has a 4.10 ERA, Darvish's season becomes even more mind-blowing.

Josh Prince's career is far less developed than Darvish's but has also been enjoyable to follow. He has an eight game hitting streak (he's only played in nine games) and has 13 steals (leads league), a .333 batting average and a .478 OBP (5th in the league). He also leads the Pioneer League in runs and walks. I am a tad concerned about his .389 slugging - don't want to see him become the next Jason Tyner but otherwise he is looking really good as a professional.

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