Monday, July 6, 2009


Mostly just writing to get some thoughts down.

Past few weeks have been odd. Went out to visit my only aunt and uncle to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. This was odd for at least three reasons. One, I hadn't seen them in five years. Two, it was really depressing because most of the guests were older and you heard so much of the "You have to live long to be married fifty years". My own mother even said to my uncle she doesn't think she and my Dad will make it because one of them will probably die between now and eight years from now. Real positive.

And lastly, I just don't fit in with my family. I don't know if it's because I'm adopted. I am very different from everyone else (which I think exemplifies nature is more of a factor than the nurturing) in the fam. So gatherings like this always feel awkward to me. So what do I do July 4th? Spend it with my parents. The boowahs were with me which was nice.

Been without hot water for most of the week. The hot water heater, which is nineteen years old, sprung a leak. If you have to lose hot water, the dead of summer is better than the dead of winter. Cold showers aren't too bad except they leave me looking like Michaelangelo's David. Hopefully I'll have that remedied by the end of the week. The fourth of July weekend is not a good time to try and get someone to put in a hot water heater.

Freaked myself out this morning. I was out lifting and doing shoulder presses. My shoulders are definitely my weakest area. I've rehabbed my left shoulder twice during my lifetime because of rotator cuff tendinitis. Had surgery on my right shoulder in 2007 to remove bone spurs and because of shoulder impingement syndrome. Good times. So I'm lifting, add some weight for my next set, go to lift and it was like my left arm went dead. Could not get the bar off the rack at all (because of the weight I start off the squat rack. I can't clean the weight to my shoulders).

So I'm really concerned. I have a high degree of ambidexterity but that wasn't always the case and my left hand is my preferred hand for things. So I rerack it and start pacing and muttering confusedly. There was no pain. It was just dead. I couldn't get the weight up at all. Right arm, no problem. So I'm pacing back and forth, back and forth and I look at the rack. Oops. When I added the weight for that set, I must have been thinking about something else because I put both plates on the left side. That might make it a little hard to move. I'm relieved that my arm is functioning fine.

I will be picking up the Group of 79(80) Project this week. I had become a little dejected when a card I sent out to be autographed came back as outright rejected by the player to whom I had sent it. Yesterday I discovered why. That player passed away two weeks after the card was returned to me. I would expect he was probably in bad health. But I received another one in the mail today so we'll get Jim King up this week and go from there.

Guess that's about it. Three books to review this week and another baseball related idea, too.

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