Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Media mix of June 24th

[Listen] What is your favorite song about summer, or a song that gives you good summer vibes?

I wish I had one. Good and summer are two words I don't link together. Miserable and summer are. Hate the heat.

This song comes to mind, though:

[Watch] Do you have any current guilty pleasure shows that you watch? If so, which ones?

I watch the Colbert Report on and that's the extent of my television watching.

[Read] Do your favorite writers tend to be those who publish tons of books/series, or those who have 1 or 2 gems?

The latter. I think that the more prolific writers tend to be formulaic and once you read one or two of their books, you've read the oeuvre. I don't think I've read a "series" of books since high school (Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat books and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I stopped reading the Vampire Chronicles after Queen of the Damned which was just awful).

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