Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 1st Media Mix

[Listen] Is there a genre of music you never pictured yourself liking, but have become fond of nonetheless? Are there any genres you still steer away from?

Not so much a genre as an artist. Somewhere along the line I really have grown to like Johnny Cash. I don't much care for country in general and that was confirmed when I went out to my aunt and uncle's anniversary party. I rode with my brother-in-law who played country in the car ride up and back the entire time. Yuck.

[Watch] Do you ever throw any social events based on viewing something—like movie night, a show-themed party, or a sports-themed party?

I try to have a Kentucky Derby party every year. My sister and my former neighbor ruined it on consecutive years by getting married on Derby Day. My friend Eric had enough sense to have his wedding the weekend following the Derby. Haven't had one the past couple of years because of a lack of stability in my finances/living situation. I hope to have one next year.

I also still plan on having a Day of the Dead Extreme Croquet Tournament and Cranberry Festival, not that that involves viewing anything.

[Read] Where do you acquire most of your books—used from friends, Amazon, going to bookstores, etc.?

I rarely buy books unless they are baseball books. Those come almost entirely from eBay nowadays. Most of the books I read come from the library. When I must buy something new, I tend to go with Amazon.

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