Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wine Review - 2007 Achaia Clauss Mavrodaphne of Patras

As much as I disliked the organic wine of my first wine review, I love the wine of this review.

I've always had a fondness for sweet wines; German Rieslings and Kabinetts, Australian Gewurztraminers, Japanese plum wines. I've enjoyed them all. With my renewed interest in wine, I decided I wanted to explore the dessert wines a little more.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first Greek wine I have ever had. Achaia Clauss has been making wine since the 1850's and the Mavrodaphne is one of two that the winery has been making since it opened. There is something to be said for 150 years of experience. This wine tastes fabulous.

Unlike the other wines from grapes I mentioned above, this is a red dessert wine and has a much different taste profile. I get tastes of berries, raisins and coffee when I drink this but I mostly enjoy how the flavors come across. If this wine were a musical note, it would have a fermata over it. From the time it enters your mouth, the flavor just holds until you swallow. It has nice alcohol content so when you do finally swallow, that little warmth at the end kicks in. It's reminiscent of other fortified reds like port but much, much more mellow and tasty. The ports I have had tend to feel more like hard liquor to me than wine.

I also like the appearance of this wine. There is a brown tinge to the red, almost like iced tea was blended with it. The viscosity is great, too. I get a kick out of wines with legs (no idea why) and like watching the shapes on the glass after the wine has been swirled or consumed. As to aroma, well, I'm still challenged there. I don't really pick up much.

This is a very affordable wine and one that I strongly recommend, especially if you haven't had a red dessert wine.

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