Monday, May 10, 2010

Griping about the Royals

I don't follow the baseball season much when it is going on. I tend to like the history of the game more than what is currently going on on the field. Part of this I suspect is my inability to attach myself to teams.

Nonetheless, I do follow some players by default. I operate the websites and which, in part, involves me tracking what is going on with current players who are natives of those states.

All this leads to my continued disappointment in the Kansas City Royals. I was really jazzed when they promoted Kila Ka'aihue to the big club. I didn't know what the Royals were thinking when they sent him to Omaha in the first place. It's not like the Royals have a ton of offense. I didn't understand why they played Mike Jacobs over him last season. Still, I thought that maybe finally the Royals woke up, saw that Kila was hitting .304/.466./.620 and saw that they had a guy who can draw walks and hit for power. I mean let's not forget that the last Royals player to hit thirty home runs was Steve Balboni. So they bring up Kila and what do they do? They sit him on the bench. Come on. What's the thinking? Has it been too long since you had the first pick in the amateur draft and you want to outlose the Astros?

Yes, it is tough since Butler and Guillen are probably the two best hitters on the Royals and they play first and DH which does block Kila. But then why bother? Why bring him up if you're going to have him sit.

My frustration, though, is that I'm checking the boxscore every day and he's not in there. I'd love to see him play more and finally get a chance. I'd love to see Kila dealt to a team like the A's or Red Sox who would appreciate his skills. I know, though, that it likely won't be long until he's back in Omaha, having his abilities wasted some more. Grrrrr......

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