Sunday, May 2, 2010

Updates and Derby aftermath

Well, my fear and loathing of Calvin Borel was appropriate as he took yet another Kentucky Derby in the wet. Darn him. I started the morning well by taking of four of six races in Beulah Park's final Pick 6. Well in the sense of picking four winners. Not well in the sense of not winning any money.

On the baseball front, after a delay in starting his season because of an injury, Josh Prince has been struggling at Class A Brevard County hitting .204/.259/.296 with three steals. He has been a little rough in the field as well.

Yu Darvish is having another fantastic start for the Fighters. He is 4-2 and third in the league in ERA at 1.96. His 67 strikeouts leads the league (in 55 innings) and he has surrendered just one home run.

I've returned to wine after a long hiatus. In the early 1990's I was really into Australian wine, got out of wine altogether, but based on Gary Vaynerchuk's influence have gotten back into it. I'm probably going to start talking about some of the wines I've had this year (I haven't had an awful lot).

A couple book reviews are backlogged and will be published this week. I almost have packages ready to be sent out. Think that about covers it.

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