Saturday, April 10, 2010

Successful failed return to horse racing

So yeah, with all the things I'm trying to sort out in my life, now seemed like a good time to get back into horse racing. Of course. First, I am in love with a horse again. It's been a while and the list is short. Hunca Munca, Ghostzapper, Imperialism, Speightstown. And a one race fling with Manning's Hit. That's about it. Now there's a fifth. I've watched film of his last three races numerous times including his most recent race about twenty times. Just an amazing horse. I'm not mentioning his name yet because he's a Derby contender and I think he's going to be under the radar and I don't want all thirteen people reading this to lower the odds. So there's that.

Then Beulah Park in Ohio had a carryover on their Pick 6 and it seemed like a good shot at trying to make a chunk of change. To have any chance on a wager of this size, where you have to pick the winners of six races, you really need to take at least a couple of horses in each race. My budget is pretty limited still so I took 13 horses across the six races. 10 of the 13 horses ran in the money. Two winners, four places and four shows. Not bad for being rusty. My old friend Transfixed Ingress, assuming he is still alive, would be unimpressed since I won no money. I'm pretty happy, though. I picked ten of the horses with my models and three based on my general knowledge of horse racing. My three took a first and two seconds.

Man, I love horse racing. I need to decide if I want to take some of my income tax refund and give it a shot again. You know, with all my free time :)


Mark's Ephemera said...

I was in Vegas in 2000 when Fusaichi Pegasus won the Derby. I bet him to place. I won a couple of bucks. I've never bet (or had the desire to) again on the ponies.

I enjoy watching the Derby and have friends that make a party of it. My wife and I keep saying that when we have a few hours in Louisville that we should stop and take a tour of Churchill Downs.

Last time we were in Louisville we instead took a visit to the Louisville Slugger Museum. Need to hit that again.

Mad Guru said...

I used to have Derby parties but it has been a few years. Thought about it for this year but I have too much going on.

I've never been to Kentucky and am afraid I won't want to leave if I do.

And the horse racing is about more than the wagering for me. Watching horses run is just amazing. The atmosphere of the track is great (at most tracks). The business of the sport is somewhat interesting even if it is royally messed up. Just a great thing.

--Transfixed Ingress said...

13 - don't flatter yourself. I'm thinking 12.5 of us would pretty much screw with your odds.

As for being alive: I didn't do it. Can't prove anything.

While I'm thinking of it, you do any of that fantasy baseball?