Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Need help with a cellphone provider

Well, I think I'm finally breaking down and moving into the 20th century. I feel the need to have a cellphone. Not looking for anything fancy. No need for internet. No need for texting. Just something to make the occasional phone call on.

Verizon has completely alienated me with an advertisement. This is saying something since I don't have a television and so my exposure is comparatively limited. But this ad sickens me so much:

That I cannot bear to give Verizon money. Why does it bother me so? First, the outright thievery of a commercial jingle from my youth. It's not like it has anything to do with chewing gum. Heck, Big Red still exists. Mostly, though, it's the way people who use Verizon-based cellphones are portrayed in the commercial.

It starts with a guy making a sculpture of a woman while she is browsing the internet on her phone. No big deal even though the sculpture does have her on the phone. Then we have kids updating Facebook on a camping trip while the father figure tells a ghost story. Disrespectful but the kids love their Facebook. Still not a huge deal. "Make your boring job much better" as the bellhop ignores his work. Now I'm irked. Maybe stop being an irresponsible ass and do what you're paid to do before you find yourself out of a job and figuring out how to pay your cellphone bill. I'll bet you none of Chip Conley's bellhops stand there on their cellphones ignoring the patrons.

Then we go back to the sculpture. The woman has been on the internet in the time it took for the guy to do the sculpture. She ignores his handicraft. How very rude.

"YOU'LL WATCH YOUTUBE ON A HORSE"?!?!?!?! If I am riding a horse on a beach with a woman's arms wrapped around me, I am not being an asshat and watching Youtube videos on my phone. Who needs scenery, romance and a fun experience when I can watch Autotune the News Volume 3,243? Seriously?

Then we wrap up with everyone oblivious to the world around them. Hate the commercial. Just hate it.

Which leaves me trying to find a good cell provider while avoiding the largest one. Anyone have any recommendations, either for or against?


jtorrey13 said...

I would expect that the "horse" part is really a reference to this brilliant commercial - and that thievery should add to your list of complaints.


As for my recommendation, I think T-Mobile as it isn't affiliated with any of the regional bell operating companies that fight against net neutrality so that their original government sponsored monopoly can keep raking in profits.

jtorrey13 said...

Of course, the main thing you should just look at is the coverage maps of the providers (AT&T, Alltel, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile) because convictions of economic reasons don't help with reception.

Mad Guru said...

Consider thievery added to the list. I will keep in mind reception and accessibility to provider. I've already had to rule out Boost and Cricket because they don't serve Amish Central (how strange).

Joe S. said...

Eh, just find a phone you like, and find a carrier that has that particular phone. Make sure they have coverage in your area, and you're set. They're all big business companies, no sense in taking any sort of political stand here! Except against those thieves at Verizon, of course.

cynicalbuddha said...

Sorry I laughed all the way throught the rant. As for a cell company there all pretty much the same, theives I mean, just look for coverage and if you can get them roll over minutes are nice as are free nights and weekends.