Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The joy of a completed base set

When I was over at the OTB over the weekend, I stopped by the KMart nearby to see if they had any cards. Lo and behold, they had a huge supply of 2008 Upper Deck X. Then I was out last night and was near another KMart and picked up some more. Included were this pair of cards:

Those were the last two base cards I needed to complete the 2008 Upper Deck X set. I'm going for the inserts, though, and have updated my want list accordingly.

I also picked up a box of 2009 Spectrum. And people think the 2008 Upper Deck X set is horrible? Spectrum is shiny purple. At least UDX has some variety in color.

If you need any 2008 Upper Deck X cards (either for the set or player/team collections) or 2009 Spectrum, let me know. And if you have anything I need, please let me know as well. Oh, and if you want packs for a buck and can't find, I might even make the trip for you. I won't be buying anymore since the base is done.

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