Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dollar Tree Baseball Card Challenge

Way back before Thanksgiving, the guy at wrote about the Dollar Tree Challenge. The challenge was to go to a Dollar Tree, which has begun selling old packs, and try and complete a set. Now, I don't have the money to be buying that much, but I was at the Dollar Tree to buy some wrapping paper and figured I'd grab some packs and see if there was anything of interest.

Bought nine packs and these were my favorites from each pack:

I bought three packs of the much maligned 2008 Upper Deck X and I really wish I had spent all nine bucks on them. I think the set is great. I like the style. I like the diecuts. I like the inserts. The cards I selected were a Tim Lincecum die cut, a Joe Mauer Xponential and a Cole Hamels base card. Found some cheap boxes on eBay tonight and I may try and build this set I like it so much. Go figure.

Picked up two packs of 2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update. Boring. Picked Wily Mo Pena and Matt Morris. I like Wily and you have to love Morris in the Pirates uni. What a fantastic pickup that was for the Bucs. Sixteen starts with a 7.04 ERA. Awesome.

Then came the inexplicable packs. I grabbed three packs of Major League Soccer cards. They seemed like they had the most potential for getting something cool like an autograph or some such nonsense. Got a Young Guns insert. I was actually familiar with Chris Seitz because he played at the University of Maryland and then there is Marvell Wynne. He makes me feel old. Back in the day, when I was still a fan of teams and not players, I rooted for the Pirates and I enjoyed cheering on Marvell's Dad, Marvell Sr., when he was with the Pirates. I would have been just entering my teens then. And now his son is a professional soccer player. Ugh.

Lastly, I grabbed a pack of Donruss Americana. You know a pack is lousy when DANIEL Baldwin is the highlight. Stephen or Alec would have been awesome. Daniel? This was easily the worst pack of cards I ever bought in my life and I bought Mork and Mindy cards.

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pricelesspursuit said...

Agree with your thoughts on Upper Deck X. Sure, compared to high end stuff, it isn't that great, but you can buy a hobby box for $20-$25 online, and you get two autos (08) or one relic (09), which ain't bad for an admittedly low end product. The 2009 set is one I'm going to put together in the new year.