Monday, December 14, 2009

Better than a school closing

My youngest is really getting out of hand. When you were a kid and it snowed, you looked forward to a school closing so you could play outside with your friends, right (apologies to my Southern, Australian and Saharan readers who have no idea to what I'm referring)? Not my youngest. He roots for the two-hour delay. You have to make up school cancellations later in the year so what's the advantage of that? He just wants to miss school.

That would be all well and good but this leads him to hoping for rather specific weather conditions and creating situations I've never heard of that could potentially cause two-hour delays. For instance, we received a LOT of rain yesterday. In his mind, this led to the potential of the roads icing over overnight and leading to the two-hour delay. Not changing over to snow, not flooding, but icy roads. Because icy roads would be the most likely cause of two-hour delays in his mind (and he's probably right).

When he woke up this morning and it was 38 outside, he was greatly perturbed. He hasn't yet come up with a scenario in that situation which could lead to a delay. Just a matter of time.

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--Transfixed Ingress said...

He's right - it is the best of situations for those that prefer school be as limited as possible.

Here we'll have delays when the temperature drops to unreasonable temperatures. They delay in hopes of it raising enough in a couple of hours to be tolerable for those waiting for the bus or walking to school. I think reasonable it typically double digit temps and windchill above 0. However, the school board waits so darn long to delay that it doesn't matter - kids have to get up and get ready anyway.

My daughter prefers the snow day - and playing outside.

(I prefer no delays, no snow days - send 'em all year round).