Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Music in my dreams

How very, very strange. I mentioned in this media mix (which, by the way, look they will be no more. I dropped a line to Kelly, who did them on her site and she, too, is juggling all sorts of more-important-to-living-than-blogging things to maintain the questions. Alas) that I rarely, if ever, dream of music when I dream. Imagine my immense surprise when I dreamt of a music video of a song (which is not the actual video (which in itself was perplexing)) and actually heard the song playing in my dreams and remembered it. Just completely, totally, strange.

Even more bizarre, it has been YEARS since I heard the song and I have no idea what could have prompted my synapses to think of it, recall it, create a video of it and then put it in my head to dream about it.

The song? P.O.D.'s Alive (actual video below, not the one I dreamed):

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