Sunday, October 4, 2009

If you're really cool, you can combine it with an Amway gathering

Sometimes it is really difficult to believe that so many people are unemployed when there are people who are paid money to come up with things like this:

A Windows 7 party. Because everyone has the date already circled on their calendar. THURSDAY, October 22nd. There's no better time to throw a party than on a Thursday, right? That's why we celebrate Easter Thursday and throw parties on Super Bowl Thursday. I picture the person who came up with this idea looking at a calendar and saying "Well, my all-time favorite gatherings occurred on Thanksgiving. Granted, I have no friends and have never been at a party but Uncle Steve always got smashed and told funny jokes which I imagine is like a party and my grandmother always gives me a kiss on the cheek when she sees me and that's probably like hooking up with a hot girl at a party. Also, October is football season and we used to watch football on Thanksgiving and with Windows 7, you can start a computer and get on the internet and watch football highlights on YouTube. Shoot, Windows 7 parties are going to be as awesome as Thanksgiving so let's have the release date on a Thursday since Thanksgiving is on a Thursday."

I love the video. The camaraderie and humor is unmatched except by NFL pre-game shows. Only this group is much more diverse. Women, old women, and African-Americans are represented. I'm guessing the Asian guy in a wheelchair had problems finding the studio.

There's so much fun to be had. When everyone gets to my party, I'm going to have a PowerPoint presentation where I will talk about the songs I would have on my Zune if I owned one. We'll then play that party classic, "Does Word think that's a word" where you type in words into Word and see if spell-checker catches the misspelling. We absolutely will be calling Customer Service and wishing them a Happy Release 7 Day. Shame they have to be working while everyone else is enjoying the holiday. Then maybe we'll wrap up the party by going on the Internet Explorer. Man, this is going to be fun.

Oh shoot, this isn't going to happen. I'd invite you to my Windows 7 party only it conflicts with the feast day for Abercius of Hieropolis. If only Microsoft could have waited until Saturday.

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