Friday, August 14, 2009

American Psycho

I'm not much for movies. On occasion, in an effort to procrastinate, I'll rewatch something online. It isn't too often I'll watch something new. New movies tend to disappoint me.

In a short period of time I came across two references to the film American Psycho on College Humor that made me want to watch the film. Both are Not Safe For Work.

The first was from their group of sketches, Hardly Working:

The second was a music video from Miles Fisher. His remake of the Talking Heads song This Must Be the Place.

Check out Miles' website. You can download his EP for free. He also does a nice Tom Cruise impersonation:

I enjoyed American Psycho. Definitely a weird flick. Based on a Bret Easton Ellis book. He's a guy I've never read and ought to. His writings have often been made into movies including another 80's era (the era in which American Psycho is set) flick, Less than Zero.

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