Monday, August 31, 2009

30 days to changing my life

My life is getting really scary right now. I'm just about done my semester in library science which will put me halfway to completing the degree. The problem is, I don't have the finances to complete it at this time. There was some issues with my financial aid forms and my bill is unpaid for what I have completed. I can get Stafford loans for the upcoming semesters but cannot for the previous work. No one wants to loan me the money, either, because I'm underemployed.

There is problem number two. I don't have much time left on unemployment. I need to find a job, pronto. Or become really good at forging paintings. Haven't decided which yet.

Add to that the final conclusion to what was once a promising relationship and I could be getting depressed right now.

But you know what? I'm not. I began realizing last month that I needed to make some changes. It's been almost a year since I lost my job and even though I have become a little bit stronger than I was at this point last year, I'm not even close to being as fit. I also am not that attractive carrying around this extra weight. That's one change I need to make.

Do you know how long I've wanted to write a book? Most of my life. Probably since I first had something published back in high school. I haven't written a book because I think I suck as a writer. Well, enough of that nonsense, too.

I'm not moving. The boowahs started school and I really want Gaga to finish up high school here. He made the soccer team. He did well last year and is excited about this year. Doodle will be going to the same school for the first time in a while. Last year was his third straight year of changing schools. He is in a couple of choirs. I really don't want to uproot them again. It also means I want to get this house straightened up. My Dad has been up and has helped me fix up the bathroom which I am immensely grateful for. I'd like to get the hallway and the barn finished up.

Since school seems to be out for the time being unless a bank unexpectedly comes through, I'll have more time this month to get my life in order. Even if I were to start up with school again, it does not begin until the 21st anyway.

I hit up Zander's book The Art of Possibility again and it has been the inspiration and instruction I have needed.

For the next thirty days, I'm going to mold my life into what I want it to be. Here's what I want to happen and how I'm going to do it:

1. Improved fitness - Crossfit every day, as rec'd. A minimum of 20 minutes of rowing five times a week. Practice my karate techniques, jump rope and arm work in the form of pushups and pullups each twice a week for ten minutes.

2. Improved dietary consumption leading to weight loss. Strict paleo diet for the month of September. No cheating. I'm also ditching my diet teas for the month. That's scarier than being broke.

3. Work on my book. One of the topics I've been interested in writing about is very vast and I have wondered who will publish it once it is written. Cart before the horse. I'm going to have fun researching and writing it and let the chips fall where they may.

4. Get a job. I'm probably going to have take a non-library position, at least temporarily. So be it. Resumes and networking this month.

5. Work on the house. My folks will help me with spackling and painting the hallway. I can work on the barn. I need to fix the column in the front of the house but I have left the indoor/outdoor patio off of my bedroom in a state of incompletion for reasons I'm not discussing. No mas. That is a great place for me to be working on my book once I get it fixed up. Need to run electricity to the pond for the filter but there's no rush on that. Probably not a September thing.

6. Go on a date. You know, with all my free time.

I think that's a pretty good way to fill a month. There's not a thing on there that makes me go, "Oh, yuck, I don't want to do that". Well, taking a less than ideal job but hopefully it won't come to that.

I appreciate any encouragement and/or support you wish to give. Thanks.

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