Monday, January 30, 2012

Baseball Book Club - Status Report

I wanted to see where everyone is on The Catcher was a Spy. Are you still reading? Finished and ready to discuss? Far enough along to feel comfortable discussing?


Mark A. said...

I'm about half way through. He's in Italy, 1944. Not knowing how you're going to structure the discussion, I'm ready to start talking his early life and the baseball part of the book. But I can also wait.

jtorrey13 said...

Reading the hardcover, I'm at about 250 out of 350 pages (not including the notes and appendix) or as far as where it is in his story, I'm in post war America. I'm game to start discussing or I can wait a few days. Either/or.

mr haverkamp said...

I've problem waiting until others do so we can have full discussion.