Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baseball Book Club Book #1 - The Catcher Was A Spy

Based on the expressed interest, we'll make the first book we read Nicholas Dawidoff's biography on Moe Berg, The Catcher Was A Spy, our first read.

Since we came to a decision so quickly, we'll shoot for discussion of the book beginning on Sunday, January 29th. That should give everybody enough time to get and read the book.

In the meantime, I'll be putting things related to Dawidoff, Berg and the book here on the blog. Hopefully provide some supplemental material.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave a note below.

I look forward to our reading and discussion.


Mark A. said...

Now I feel like my son who is a junior in high school. Deadline approaches. I am setting aside some other reading to make sure I finish this one.

James said...

That is a great book. I read it when it was first released (I have a signed first edition) and also read two other books about Berg. He was a fascinating man.

dayf said...

I went to the library today and it turns out that they haven't seen their copy since 2002. Ugh. I've got one in another branch on hold though, hopefully it'll come in some.

Kev said...

i may jump in on this - gotta find the book, though - i'll follow on here until i do...

nice idea!