Saturday, May 7, 2011

Have a happy non-mother's day!

There are many women out there who have not had, can not have, will not have, opted not to have, are too young or too old to have, etc. children. Yet many of these women exemplify the characteristics of good mothers to children who aren't theirs. Maybe they are aunts or teachers or neighbors or just really kind and sweet people. Whatever the title, they are caring individuals who in a different situation would likely be a good mother.

Likewise, there are many "mothers" whose children would be better off not having them as mothers. While having a child is a difficult undertaking, raising a child is a zillion times harder and more important.

I just want to recognize the wonderful work that non-mothers do. There's not a day for them but they are just as important to the upbringing of children. Thanks, non-mothers! And have a happy non-mother's day!


jj said...

Hey, interesting post. I wrote as my facebook status on Friday "You know how Valentine's Day is hard on people who aren't married or in a relationship? Well, the Mother's Day hoopla is sort of hard on those of us who have lost mothers. And I don't know but I would imagine it's even worse for women who can't have children."

I got an incredible amount of comments and messages from that post. People were happy I said something - most of the people who wrote were women who did not have kids.

Sappy holiday... causes pain.

Drew said...

Well said, and much appreciated..

-a past nanny of 6 years