Friday, January 7, 2011

Odd day at the library

I'm at work this morning when some woman starts banging on the door at 9:40 AM. We don't open until 10. I go over and see what she wants as she looks like she's going to pee her pants. She has a trio of books and wants to give them to me to check in because she's afraid if she puts them in the drop box, they won't be checked in until tomorrow. That's wrong since the first thing we do once we open is clear out the drop box. I take them from her, though, and then check them in.


What, that 26th day was going to make a difference?

Later in the day, which, if I read every calendar right is January 7, 2011, I helped out a patron. That's 2011. 2-0-1-1. You know, the Modern Era. The internet, smartphones, wireless connections, HD television. You know what I did for that patron today, January 7, 2011? I formatted his 3.5" floppy disk.

I'm expecting that on Monday someone will want me to help them get over their cold by leeching them.


unclemoe said...

What's a floppy disk?


jj said...

Oh, guess what. I forgot to tell you I gave a patron your name and the library number for some computer training. He came in to use the internet and I soon discovered he had NEVER touched a computer before. Imagine, with 20 minutes before closing time, and being the only staff member there, trying to teach an Amish man (who didn't smell very good, sorry, but it's true) how to click and navigate with a mouse. I couldn't stand there and give him a personal lesson, so I printed the info about you giving personal computer lessons off the Website and gave it to him. You're welcome.