Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics - Blogger edition

I keep this blog largely for myself. I like to write on occasion, it is something I continue to try and improve my skills at and I find it cathartic at times. As I write left-handed, a blog is a great alternative to running around with ink on the side of my hand all the time (you should see the pages of my handwritten journals over the years).

A handful of friends appreciate my tastes in various things, particularly books, and so they are my secondary audience.

I tried to become more involved with the baseball card online community and so the folks who are part of that world became my tertiary audience.

I point all this out because I don't try to cultivate an audience. I know from the comments and e-mails that people do read what I have to write and I am appreciative of that. It's nice to know that my opinions do matter. Until recently, though, if you had asked me what I write interests people, I would have assumed the order of topics would correlate to those of which I write. In other words, people come here to read my book reviews mostly or possibly baseball.

Blogger has started reporting stats and it turns out I'm wrong, hysterically so.

The most read post on this blog is my review of the Sherlock Holmes movie. Twice as many people have read that post than any of my other posts except one. What post comes in second? My review of the extraordinarily delicious 2007 Achaia Clauss Mavrodaphne of Patras.

Two more of the top ten are of food reviews of Oneonta/Cooperstown. Four are book reviews. Only one is on baseball (my recent post on Tim Collins).

A number of baseball card sites bring traffic here. Thanks for that, guys. What brings people here from Google? Wine. Go figure. Three posts are tagged wine and that's what bring people to my blog.

Am I going to change my approach? Of course not. Like I said, it doesn't matter all that much to me. I do find it interesting and it ties in with a book review (which apparently no one will read) that I will be posting this week. For that reason I'm sharing my findings.

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