Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Might I have a new favorite player?

Ask me and I'll tell you my favorite player is Adam Dunn. Says so right there in my profile. Big, strong hulking guy like myself. Plays his brand of game unapologetically, a game of walks, strikeouts and massive home runs. I once kept a blog about his pursuit of the career home run record until that record ceased to belong to Hank Aaron.

I've noticed, though, that when I check the boxscores each morning, I find myself looking forward to checking those of a team other than Dunn's Nationals and after last night, I really began to wonder if my allegiances have modified.

Last night, Dunn led off the bottom of the ninth against the Phillies with a game-winning home run off of Jose Contreras. Awesome. I was very glad to see that.

But over in the midwest, I check the boxscores of the Twins-Royals game and see that Kila Ka'aihue hit a pair of home runs and a triple. That made me give a bit of a cheer. His eleven total bases in a game is the second most ever by a native Hawaiian (Mike Lum's three home run game is tops). Great performance.

I'm not ready to say I like Kila more. One, with the Royals, you never know when he'll be back in Omaha. Two, because Kila finally is being given a chance, there is a bit of a novelty. It's easy to become jaded and say "Wow, another Adam Dunn home run. I've only seen that 353 other times." whereas Kila's were career numbers seven and eight.

And it's not like Kila's game is all that different from Dunn's. At 6'3", 221, Ka'aihue is dwarved by Dunn but they both are lefty sluggers with tremendous patience.

So I guess, no, I do not have a new favorite player but it is very nice to see Kila Ka'aihue have a great game like this and hope that there are many more to come in his big league career.

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