Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks, Thorzul - Part II (Joy of a completed subset)

Thorzul had completed what he was collecting of the 2008 Upper Deck X set so I contacted him to see if he might have cards I needed that he was willing to trade. He did and with some fortuitous timing, I was able to find something to deal to him in exchange.

While I was at the Hall, the education department got rid of some of their old materials. We were told to grab anything we might want but by the time word trickled down to us librarians, the goods were pretty well picked over. Nonetheless, I found a black and white picture of Robin Yount and immediately thought of Thorzul. I asked him if he'd take it in trade for the UDX cards. He obliged and a trade was made.

One of the cards he sent was an Alfonso Soriano Exponential 4. This gave me the entire ten cards of the 4's (Albert Pujols is omitted from the scan for space).

I have to say, looking at this scan, I do not understand why people don't like this set. I think it looks awesome.

If you have 2008 UDX and would like to trade, my wantlist is here. I need gold diecuts the most. Also, if anyone can tell me with certainty that the signature cards on my list were actually produced, I would appreciate it. I have not seen signature cards offered anywhere of Ramirez, Buchholz, Lu, Longoria, Kennedy, Cueto, Hochevar or Balentien although they are on Upper Deck's checklist for the set.

And thanks again, Thorzul, for the trade.

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Mark's Ephemera said...

I don't know if I like the cards by themselves, but I do like them in the 3x3 grid.