Friday, August 20, 2010

Music, horses and baseball - updates on some favorites

If you're going to listen to one band that you probably haven't heard of today, make it Roosevelt Radio. In true almost six degrees of separation fashion, here's how I found them. I love DeVotchKa. I saw them in concert in Los Angeles where Rupa and the April Fishes was the opening act. The cellist for Rupa was Pawel Walerowski. When looking for Pawel music, I found him playing with Ben Ross. Ben Ross is the lead singer for Roosevelt Radio. Roosevelt Radio will be releasing their album in October but have made some pre-releases available. The song they are plugging is Midnight:

but I like Order in the Chaos better.

Roosevelt Radio is based on California, just like my favorite horse, Sidney's Candy (like that transition?)!

Sid had not run since the slop of the Kentucky Derby. John Sadler made the unusual decision (at least to me) of making Sid's return on turf. The reason I questioned this was twofold. One, why fix what ain't broken? Outside of the mud in Kentucky, Sidney's Candy has run extremely well, especially on California dirt. Secondly, Sid runs best by breaking early and putting distance on the field. This is a much more challenging feat on turf. You don't see many horses wire the field in turf racing, especially among higher caliber horses. It's a slower surface and requires more stamina. And you really don't want to get into a speed duel on turf with another horse. That will just kill you as you expend all your energy in the head-to-head battle. Nonetheless, Sadler entered Sidney's Candy into the La Jolla stakes, a Grade II race. Nothing like a high-end stakes for your grass debut. Sid (#2) takes off as usual and gets into a duel with Macias (#3). Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. If you want to see what typically happens to early speed, watch Macias.

Sid, however, is an incredibly remarkable horse. Debut on turf and he sets a track record. I don't know how any creature, horse or otherwise, can run that hard for that long and then find that extra gear to pull further ahead. Wow.

Speaking of running, how is my favorite basestealer, Milwaukee Brewers minor leaguer Josh Prince doing? He has had a tough season. He has not shown an ability to hit or draw a walk which makes his hopes of becoming a major leaguer slim. His baserunning and stealing are still unreal. Baseball America named him the best baserunner in the Florida State League. He is second in the league in steals despite only hitting .237 with an OBP of .291 (which is better than his SLG of .283). Yes, those are some ugly, UGLY offensive numbers. Granted, the FSL is a pitcher's league but there has not been much to suggest that Prince's bat is going to develop. The Manatees, Prince's team, has been sitting him lately to give another guy a chance to play short which has hampered Prince's chances for a second straight stolen base crown. I still have hopes but things are not looking good for Josh.

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