Monday, August 16, 2010

Thanks, Thorzul - Part I

Thorzul recently ran a 5K race and held a contest on his site to predict what his time would be. I, of course, had to try and analyze the situation before making my prediction. I found the last time he ran the race, took into account that he was older and that virtually every card break he films has him consuming beer and predicted that his time would be slower.

Lo and behold, my prediction was closest even though he ran the same exact time he had previously. As the winner, Thorzul promised to send me cards of my favorite team. As you probably know, I don't root for teams (the Oneonta Outlaws of the NYCBL being the exception). But I do have a long going Expos project so I requested some Expos and Adam Dunn cards.

Thorzul obliged and sent me two serial-numbered Dunn's and a small stack of Expos. The two 1981 Fleer pictured below were the highlights for me:

Thanks, Thorzul, and nice job defying age and beer.

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