Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thanks to David from Tribe Cards

A while back, David from Tribe Cards was the first card collector online to be nice to me, sending me a huge box of Expos cards for my collection as part of a giveaway. He had another giveaway recently and sent me 203 more Expos cards. Here are a trio of my favorites:

When interacting with other collectors concerning Expos cards, I try to make clear that what I need are lesser known players. I have zillions of Wallachs and Raines and Dawsons already. It's the Bobby Henley types for which I'm looking. I was very jazzed to get this card.

This Rondell White card is very cool. It's extremely thick, has rounded corners, and has great photos on both sides. I just like it a lot and wouldn't mind having an old Ottawa Lynx BP jersey of my own. I like the black with the red maple leaf on the sleeve.

Lastly is a 1970 Topps card of Group of 80 member Mack Jones. My scan was horrible. This is a really nice card in terms of condition and centering and I like the photo a lot, too. Sky blue turtlenecks.

Thanks again, David. I'll be sending some Indians stuff your way in the next couple of weeks.

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--David said...

You're very welcome! Glad there were some in there you can use!