Friday, March 26, 2010

Ten things I would Twitter today if I used Twitter but I don't so I'll put them here

1. Looking forward to the dinner dance tonight even though it makes me feel old and country-clubbish (it's actually a fundraiser).

2. I don't do statistics anymore but how can I be out of work when Amazon's prediction models choose based on artists sharing last names?

3. Just about done filling out my NCAA bracket. I should have the rest of the round two games completed after tonight.

4. I've never heard of half these guys and the ones I do know are way past their prime.

5. No good at Twitter. More #2. Amazon recommended opera singer Andrew Kennedy for me because I like violinist Nigel Kennedy.

6. "Iron"ic is the fact that I am ironing what are supposed to be wrinkle-free pants.

7. My card collecting is smoldering but not dead. Going to try and make a last ditch Dollar Store run for 2008 UDX today.

8. Strongly considering getting tickets to see Stephen Strasburg pitch at Harrisburg. Along with half the state.

9. Need to be reading shorter books. I'm in the middle of a 400 pager and a 600 pager. Paging Curious George.

10. Inspired by Keith Law and Night Owl, I may put up some more lists next week.

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