Monday, March 22, 2010

Ask and ye shall receive - Mark wanted to see the baseball ad

Mark commented in my review of Angels Soar that he wanted to see the glove ad that came with the pair of books I bought. Well, here it is:

The picture isn't that great. The ad is too big to fit on my scanner and I have it hanging in the kitchen. Trying to get a photo with no glare and shadows was beyond me so this was the best I had. It pictures an ad for Ken-Wel's Lou Gehrig model glove.

Ken-Wel was a glove company from 1916 to 1960. Given that, my ad is almost certainly a replica. It's certainly not fifty years plus old. As a matter of fact, here is the same ad on eBay that is touted as a replica.

Rawlings and Spalding for all intent and purposes knocked Ken-Wel out of business. A few years ago, though, a company called Akadema has started selling replica Ken-Wel gloves. Right now it looks like they just have the Dazzy Vance model.

Despite it not being an original ad, it still is a neat thing to hang in the kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed it, Mark.

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Mark's Ephemera said...

Yes, I enjoyed it. Thanks.

I can now sleep better this evening.