Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm with Coco (plus some vintage baseball reminiscences)

I like Conan O'Brien. The Colbert report went on hiatus for so long over the last few months that Conan became the only show I was watching online. Now there's all this nonsense about moving him back to midnight and him potentially quitting. It's just a shame.

How can you not like Conan? How can you not like a guy who will play in a vintage baseball game.

Conan said in the final episodes before he took over The Tonight Show that this was one of his most favorite times. I'm with him there, too. Way back in the 1990's I had the opportunity to take on the Virginia Military Institute in a game of vintage baseball as a member of the Ohio Village Muffins. I was living in North Carolina and saw that the Muffins were playing up at VMI. I gave them a call and they let me suit up. What a blast!

Dug up my old photographs (talk about vintage! Images on film? How quaint!). Here is mighty Mad Guru at the bat:

I get ahead of myself. Before the game you have to get together with the team and sing the victory song:

Fifteen plus years later and I still remember the chorus:
Hail to the Muffins!
Huzzah for the Muffins!
Victory for the Muffins!
We will win this base ball game!

Would you argue a call with an umpire as imposing looking as this:

Of course, you play the game for the ladies. Chicks dig the vintage ball:

Lastly, our hero with his superhero gaze:

Keep Conan hosting The Tonight Show and keep playing vintage baseball!


--Transfixed Ingress said...

Never was a big Conan fan.
Maybe Conan the Barbarian - but that dorky guy doing late night - never caught on with me. Don't hate him - but certainly don't look to watch him either.

The vintage ball on the other had - you sure look dashing in that get up. And young to boot.


Mad Guru said...

Verily, I was but a lad when I showed my ginger as part of the Ohio Village nine.