Monday, January 4, 2010

Fun while it lasted

Fun while it lasted.
The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglay.
Ignorance is bliss.

Choose your trite saying, it probably applies.

If you're a reader and/or know me, you'll know last semester, my third in my pursuit of my third master's degree, kicked my butt. I was miserable, despondent, dragged my heels, turned in assignments late, did a lackluster job and was so incredibly grateful when it ended that I completely blocked it out. In part because I expected the results to be indicative of my feeling.

Turned out I was wrong. I finally logged in last week and checked my grades. Three A's and a B (including an A+). Yes, it still sucked. Yes, I suffered more mentally/emotionally than I had in a long time. When all was said and done, though, I got through it pretty good.

I had registered for four classes for the next semester which will give me one course to take in the spring to graduate. I figured I've done it twice, once with not as much angst, why not knock it out.

Until I logged in I had not realized that the semester starts today. Ugh. Week 1 has me doing in excess of two hundred pages of reading. Then the assignments start.

This may put a damper on other things blog related. I don't know. My priorities are the boowahs, food on plate/roof over head, health, school. Anything left after that will be gravy.

So we'll see. I never did get organized last semester and I am pretty well organized already this semester. I knocked out thirty pages of reading last night before classes even started. I've always needed an outlet and like writing anyway so maybe things won't change much. Worst case it is only ten weeks and come March I can get back to doing the things I want to do in this space. Stay tuned, I guess.

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